New: Collection of Acoustic PET Felt Tiles

Now available, new acoustic PET Felt tiles in various sizes and patterns. Always with a luxurious bevel-cut finish.
ReFelt pet felt acoustic tiles grey plain setting

Small and large acoustic PET Felt tiles

We have given our tile collection a major update. In addition to the standard size of 20×20 cm, we have added a larger size of 40x40cm. Each tile has a standard bevel cut finish. This adds to a luxurious look and feel of the product.

We also experimented with different patterns on the tiles. That’s where the Diagonal Tiles S and L, Lines Tiles S and L and Squared Tiles S and L came out. The Small tiles are sold in packs of 25 and the Large tiles in packs of nine. Double-sided tape is included with each package.

ReFelt PET Felt acoustic tiles setting 12
ReFelt PET Felt acoustic tiles setting 13

Create acoustic PET Felt installations on any surface

With each tile package, you can cover a part of a wall or ceiling. But by combining large and small tiles, you can also create more exciting combinations.

This is ideal for redecorating the home office or home workplace. With these PET Felt tiles, you immediately improve the acoustics of the room. The PET Felt absorbs and dampens sound. The more tiles you apply, the greater the effect.

The fastest result is obtained by covering large, smooth surfaces with acoustic material. Think of windows, ceilings and walls. Then the sound does not reflect and you prevent reverberation.

ReFelt PET FElt acoustic tiles blue setting

Easy to process and made from recycled plastic

PET Felt is a flexible material that is easy to process. It is lightweight, flexible and yet very strong. That’s because the fibre is made from finely ground plastic bottles. These are woven into large mats, which are then processed into large PET Felt panels. With these panels, you can then make all kinds of things, in 28 trendy colours.

It is also easy to clean. Most stains are removed with plenty of water. Run the water through the PET Felt and pat the surface dry. Never rub the felt, it may start to pill. You can use James Cleaning Set for stubborn stains.