New: About A Line

We continue to experiment with the versitale PET Felt material. Our latest innovation is the About A Line collection.

About A Line 01

A circle has no beginning and no end, while a line is defined by the beginning and end. In About A Line 01, these contrasts are combined in a widely applicable work of art.

Besides that these compositions aesthetically improve any space, they also benefit the acoustics. About A Line collection is available in six exciting colour combinations and three compositions. About A Line is easy to hang on the wall with the included French cleat.

About A Line 02

The most beautiful compositions are created by combining squares. Artists such as Piet Mondriaan and Elsworth Kelly used the square and the rounded square to create world-famous works of art. These artists were the inspiration for About A Line 02. Three rounded squares in one exciting composition, an adornment to every room.

About A Line 03

About A Line 03 is inspired by the impressive windows of the great cathedrals and churches. These shapes are captured in the modern recycled PET Felt material and About A Line 03 is completely contemporary.